Owner : Fran Mitchell Email : info@kirkleymill.co.uk



*Our purpose built cattery has 30 chalets which includes two very popular family units.

*Each chalet has it's own heater.

* There is a purpose built outdoor play centre attached to the building. Each cat gets the opportunity to roam free between their chalet and the play centre on a daily basis. There are a number of security doors for their safety and wellbeing!

*We provide beds and bedding, however we personally think it helps your cat to settle quicker if they have their own bed. We recommend you bring a familiar blanket and a few favourite toys with you.

* All Cats must be fully vaccinated/boostered up to date


A Little Word about Fleas and worms

Please ensure your beloved pet doesn't bring any unwanted guests.  In our experience the pet shop treatments for fleas are not effective. We recommend Frontline for fleas and drontal plus for worms or seek advice from your veterinary surgeon. Please ensure your cat is flea free and wormed before coming to us.





Bella - a regular customer waiting for her food!