Owner : Fran Mitchell Email : info@kirkleymill.co.uk

Kirkley Mill Kennels


*We have sixteen kennels which includes two double units and two family sized units.

*Each kennel has it's own heater and run.

*The dogs can see each other, which we believe helps them to settle in more quickly.

*The kennels face out onto a two acre fenced paddock with views across open countryside.

* The dogs are exercised three times a day on flexi leads around our paddock which they all enjoy and helps to keep them 'clean'.

*We supply plastic beds and vetbed bedding but you are welcome to bring in your dogs own blanket

if you desire

*We feed either a good quality complete biscuit or meat and mixer meal - whatever your dog is

used to.

* Bathing and grooming services are available so that you can take home a clean, fresh-smelling happy pooch!

* All dogs must be fully vaccinated/boostered up to date


A Little Word about Fleas and worms

Please ensure your beloved pet doesn't bring any unwanted guests.  In our experience the pet shop treatments for fleas are not effective. We recommend Frontline for fleas and drontal plus for worms or seek advice from your veterinary surgeon. Please ensure your cat is flea free and wormed before coming to us.